Reviews for "Dragon Wizard"


very very good grapics but extremly hard to manage the difficulty. alltho i can feel you on that seems how there an rpg you transfer your final ernings to.

1 very big question is on my mind where can i get the music for this game its forking awsome


I love race war kindoms ! this is an amsome game hints: fire is the best way to make $$$

Fun shooter but is Glitchy if played after death.

FUN! Great shooter and power ups: just a little non-original.

$$$ Here are some tips to get more gold $$$

-GET THE FIRE TORNADO ASAP!!! (NOTHING BUT fire upgrades till you have it; [unless you purely OWN with something else.] This spell wipes out the towers with jaw dropping speed)
-THEN FOREST FIRE (Needed for a level where you will have your enemies enter from behind you *The final leaf spell fires forwards NOT BACK. This is useless for that special level)
-THEN THE VAMPYRIC BLOOD (Massive damage and Healing needed for later "Damaging cold" levels)
-THEN SHIELD+HEALTH (Obvious reasons)

>Ice is very crappy: you can play with it to get a feel for it if you are curious; but it wont get you very far compared to other spell paths
>Orb Spells are only useful when you can afford the Diamond Delusions. The other three are pretty much crap. *Very expensive set!

But................Verry Glitchy if you restart in the game after death. You must close and re-open the browser window if you want to continue without some MAJOR glitches. Also, (this Glitch has been already stated in an earlier review) NO "UP+LEFT" MOVEMENT!!!!! Oh, that makes me crazy! Also I didn't enjoy the music very much, though the sound sync-ed very well. The songs got old fast.
The X1000 Gold transfer to your RWK character makes up for that though.
^( RWK = Referring to the Race War Kingdoms mmorpg) <*NOT PROMOTION*>

###And If anybody has a better way to get the most gold, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TELL ME PLEASE! I'm Chordboy here on newgrounds and tubavenger on Gmail###

Great, but could stand a few changes.

I'm sure most people agree with me, the game is kinda hard since it's game over with 3 lives. Love all the power ups and things, but maybe you could make it so you can pick up or buy extra lives?


Nice shooter ya got here. Very fun, and addictive. Only problem, WHY CANT THE DRAGON DO SPECAIL MANUVERS? also to anyone thats wondering what he means by cycle is that you can switch weapons bye pressing the button. thats it.