Reviews for "Dragon Wizard"

Glitchy as fuck!

I don't know what you would suspect when you create a game that allows you to buy a couple new spell upgrades, then go to the next level with that new spell but switch to the new one & its the previous version of the spell & wont let you cycle through to the better version or the newer version of the other spell. Then after you finish the level, it turns out that the purchase screen ended up reseting what you had bought & it was like you never spent the coin on the spell in the first place! Well I'll tell you what I suspect, & thats that you made a shitty game!

lvl 8



but there are SOOOO many glitches..
heres 2 I've found..
- when you buy spells, it takes away your money, but reverts you back to the original spell of that type
- the birds will sometimes not hit you, and you can't hit them

birds coming from the bottom of the scren? not cool
not being able to do the first level without dying easy..not cool

the difficulty curve is good
the graphics are good
fun addictive game.

but the GLITCHES!!!
very frustrating.




liked the style of the graphics, good gameplay. a little difficult for me though...

Good Start

Needs to just have a straight upgrade system. dont have that many spells its too hard. Also the attack from behind is complete and utter crap. Otherwise youve Made the base for a superior game