Reviews for "Dragon Wizard"


Its a bit 2 difficult but the basic ideas a gud 1!

Pretty good!

A nice and hard Shooter!

did you think about the numbers?

your a dirty liar. this game has several glitches, mr. glitchless. a lot of times when you have the lower ranks it wont select them, also a few times when i bought a 2nd or 3rd rank it wouldnt switch to it. I like shooting games more than a lot of other types and dude, this needs work. it was exiting the first run through but seriously, it takes way too long to get wepons that are worth having. Maybe just make those stronger birds worth more than 4. i mean, cumon 4? or something, i mean my god. this thing gets really anoying (and addicting) but the scale on the $ is so sharp I'm surprised i got to lvl four.

really A+ #1 graphic work tho.

Good Game

This was a fun game, got to lvl 6. made 1.2m for my account on race war kingdoms.


OMG atk of the birds!!!!! lol!!!!!! It wass good i got to the 2nd lvl lol!!