Reviews for "Dragon Wizard"


I can't say anything other than that this was amazingly well done. I'd give you money for it but i do'nt have any =P

Only two things...

SHORTER MISSIONS - and slightly easier on top of that

SAVE OPTION - i played for hours, and then i had to go T.T all that time wasted.

A definate 5 for this one man, nice job


Very Good

Amazing game overall with just a few probs that have probably already been mentioned but a save button would be VERY useful, an the levels are a bit too long. The graphics were awesome, and the spell buying systme was a gr8 idea. Keep it up :D

Excellent game... but

There are a few things though that must be addressed.

1. The lenght of each level - It is so long, it takes around an average of 10 mins to finish a lvl.

2. Birds - The only thing that's fighting you. They can get very boring quickly due to the lvl lenght.

3. Spells - quite good, I like the spell buying concept. But, since you can only get a few gold per kill... it can take a while to reach the end. I don't even know if you can purchase all the upgrades by lvl 13.

Other than that, great job.

well done but levels are too long and repetitive

you are obviously talented and smart about game creation. the various magic weapons and what they did were great, as were the character and enemy rendering. very good job.

however, the unnecessary length and repetitiveness of each level overcame all that and did the game in for me. A game should be hard to beat because it's challenging and not because it's tedious. the hardest part about beating this game for me was trying not to space out. again these levels had a lot of good things in them but the same thing over and over is pointless.

the reason a game like raiden can have such long levels is because different things happen throughout each level. things change between levels like in your game, but within each level of raiden things progress as well and don't just loop (i know your levels did more than loop, but pretty much that was how they all felt). and even loops are okay as long as they don't keep repeating over and over and over . . .

all the weapon options would normally give replayabilty for me but i just can't face going through those levels again. after a while, even the stuff i liked in the game suffered -- the background seemed more and more like pebbles on astroturf or bits of shredded tree branch because i didn't have anything else to pay attention to. i kept hoping the next wave would have something different or interesting in it and was dissapointed pretty much every time.

except for my main complaint which affected alot of things for me, i do like your work and look forward to your next game.

p.s. to the reviewer who said level 5 has a bug. it's supposed to fly slow -- it says so in the level intro.


very good graphics and lots of items in the shop but the first level was too long and boring so i ended playing the game there