Reviews for "Dragon Wizard"


wow ive seeen then thing from like 100 different sites and i am just dissapointed... but you know what relly pisses me off? in level 1 the birds shoot ice balls!!!!!!
in other sites they dont!!! its like your puurposly making this harder.

no ice balls then its perfect

Shit is too hard

Sorry, but three lives are a bad joke when there are cannons that take half your health away with one blow. Build in continues or just restart the level when you die, but like this it's frustrating.

Plus, as was stated before, enemies from behind and your dragon being carried to the lower end of the screen all the time are a bad combination.

It's a pity, I kinda liked your concept and would have loved to explore what all these fancy spells can do...but a game needs balance. Without it, fun runs away...

the backwards birds

the birds that come from behind coupled with seige weapons at the same time make for some keyboard smashing moments


So the birds that fly up from behind you arent bad, but when you combine it with you always falling backwards makes it difficult. The levels are to long and without bosses your just shooting, which gets boring. The graphics are bautiful though.

it was all right

it was good. id recommend it but the levels seem like they are just too long