Reviews for "Dragon Wizard"

good game

i really like the game. i am nowhere near close to beating it,(make no mistake, this is a hard game) but it is challenging and fun. this is for advanced gamers and may just not be the "type" of game for others.

Fuckin EPIC =XD

Is a good think I don't listen to pussies fuck this game is awesome to hard my ass you need to make this fucking harder man spray the whole screen with bullets. Love the graphics the music and the whole buying upgrades great game man and shit love when they come from the bottom very nice. You should make a tic-tac-toe game for the fucking pussies who thinks this is to hard and wont stop crying maybe that be more suited for their skill level but fuck them keep up the good job and hope the next one is even harder, oh!!! and throw in some epic bosses now that be sick =:3

good, not amazing

I liked it, but gameover, start back at level 1 systems are a real pissoff.

not that great.

:P it was frustrating, too hard, and I didn't really like it...but the graphics were pretty good and the music fit. Nice job overall, I guess, but it's just not my type of game.


good game, i'd love to see more like this. it's definitely high difficulty but i was pretty entertained by it, and managed to beat it after a second try. didn't experience any of the glitches mentioned in other reviews except for the odd bird that did no damage, though.