Reviews for "Dragon Wizard"

yeah pretty good

nice jobs good idea levels get bland towards the end of the game though. still nice make more

oookaay, i guess?

pretty good and original concept bit lacks sumthin to be really good

Good game idea!

Now this is an excellent idea--you riding a dragon to save many more in peril.

One thing that I was shocked about is the wizard. I'm kind-of surprised that the dragon does not do the fire spells at least.

And a bad way to attract others to an RPG, not from a death like that.

Otherwise, great going!! 8/10 (and that's an honor due to such mistakes!)

Good game but...

Good game but the same fing that said Bann

Lower the difficulty a tad -

- it's got a bit of a learning curve. Other than that, add a save button and you're good.