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Negative 001 - The Call

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Yay front page ok--
Yeah, I don't know if you guys are actually reading this, but I CUT it short on purpose. It would be great if you left something more constructive than "It's a SHORT ANIME...0-3-5-4" whatever. Stop telling me it's short I know. I knew the consequences and took the risk.

As for front page, thanks Tom and fans who've been waiting every waking second for me to start this SERIES...
This storys' from a comic I drew back in 2002. Personally I don't like the first "few episodes" because it starts alittle slow. But it gets better.
***Please VOTE FAIRLY.***

Everything from after the helicopter lands was created recently (plus loading screen). Because of this I cut it short, the next episode will go better... (hopefully, lol.)

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I FORGOT ABOUT THIS!!! Dude, miss your shit, get back here!


That was fucking great, it was fun to watch and it had everything, I know you cut it short deliberatly i read your comments and that you didn't want people to comment on it but I will anyway as had this movie been that bit longer it would have been mindblowing, you ended it at a point where not too much had happened and there wasn't really any suspense at the end, I'm still looking forward to the next episode though, well done, great job, keep it up.


This has been my favorite quite a long time. When you're gonna make a sequel? This first episode has a great dialogue and it's beautiful. Short, but excellent movie - you really should put some effort and make episode 2!

Awesome! <3

Good animation and voices! :D
LMAO i thought the girl was a cute guy. ^_^

you really need to make a series out of this

the animation was awesome and this would make an amazing series.