Reviews for "Negative 001 - The Call"

Good Work

I started watching you with your last animation, the ordinary convorsation.

I know you said no to but it's a shame it's so short. It was nice of you to give your veiwers somthing to watch at first though!
I love how well you put the animation to the voices not everyone can do it that well.

Keep up the good work!

Want more!

I wanna see more! I want to know what happens to the guys that ran away and who was in the chopper and whats with the black and white team.


i like your style of drawing and this looks like an awsome interlude to something that is going to blow the socks off of someone (me ^^). keep it up and i hope you continue this^^

oh and happy holidays ^^


that was cool
I liked it short...im now anticipating the next!


This is simply amazing

Keep up the goodwork