Reviews for "Negative 001 - The Call"


wierd clifhinger. but prety good


awsome vid man its kool keep makeing more and hope that u do well in them...oooo i thought tthe black guy was funny "naw we just gonna give u a suitcase full of kool-aid"lol peace!

naruto: sex?

sasuke: ...No.


Really, truly awesome. I love your style, love your work overall. Hopefully this means you'll be coming out with more stuff.

Keep up the good work, etc.

dude you guys freakin rock!!!!!!

dude i love your movies
this is the first one iv watched on newgrounds but my friends have sent me other vids
dude you guys are fucking awsome
i need to learn how to do that animation shit
dude like can you tell me?
or watever
anyway love your movie and love your animation keep it up
beau the bashor
aka beau the seer


Oh man, I'm sitting on the edge of my seat! That was like one of those long movie previews where they show you the beginning of a movie and then just leave you hanging...=P Btw, I love your style of animation. Keep it up!