Reviews for "Negative 001 - The Call"

OMFG i love you

gear zero HAVE MY BABIES!!!!!!


Oh my God, you never cease to impress...this is sooo fucking good, the style of animation was competey in synch with the plot. Very nice Nav, very...fucking...nice

Nice, and by the way......

You put your plot in very nicely and you clue the audience to the personality of the main characters effectively. Don't listen to the punks saying that they're angry you cut it short either. You even had some FBF animation didn't you? Just pace yourself.

That was pretty good.

It's no Land Obnoxious, but i think you knew that already. It looked good, and i think it'll have a pretty interesting story in it. besides the fact that you cut it off (which i hate), it was really good. Can't wait for the next one.


was the preloader supposed to turn black when it reached the white? i like the whole negitive thing so far.