Reviews for "Negative 001 - The Call"

Rocks my world sideways.

Niiiice. Very short but you didn't cut corners with the animations. Quality voice acting makes a huge difference too, they didn't sound like cardboard cutouts. Plot is fast-paced hence the shortness of the video I guess.

I'll keep an eye on this series.



Wow,your a really good flash artist.You animate the people's movement very well..the only bad thing,was the voice acting.

Great Job,though!

Very nice

Keep up the good work man.... Nicelly done. Good graphics and good begining of your story. Can't wait for the second part to come out :) and I hope it wont be to long either :P

Good job

it really does seem like it should end there

This is friggin amazing animation and art work is awesome voices don't that annoying static storyline looks good keep this up and you'll be famous


That was great! I usually don't get into series but now I really wish you would make one! I want more! I think that must be why everyone complains about it being short, it's so damn good everyone just wants to see more! Excellent!