Reviews for "Negative 001 - The Call"


Good animation, art, voices... I don't care if it was short, that rocked. When do we get more?

"No, we decided to bring you a suitcase full of kool-aid instead"


Woah, this flash is great even if it is short, I really really wanna see the next one :D


I don't know what people are so upset about I think this was great. I have a great respect for people with talent like yours. And for those of you who yell and complain about how much it sucked...let's see YOU come up with something better. Hope you finish this, because I really wanna know how this all ends ^_^


Graphics: They were good, especially for FBF. Must have took you hours.

Style: Not very original, is it? I like the "underground" kinda touch to it, though.

Sound: The music, quite hounostly, sucked. Just some preset samples eith no effects set in floops in some rythm to loop all the time. As for the rest of the sound; it was good. Added an exciting touch to it.

Violence: a gunshot.

Interacyivity: well there was a play button n_n

Humor: none.
Overall: a 6, because of the good sound effect, underground feel and action. Work on your story (originality), music and length of your movie though. Good luck!

Better then that stuipid Flash Anime.

This had better Graphics,Professional voice acting, and it was fast paced. Congrats on showing up that stuipid Flash Anime everyone is humping.

Cant wait for part 2.