Reviews for "Negative 001 - The Call"

It was good

The style and voice acting is defintely good as with your other 2 submissons i watched it a few times and couldn't really find any flaws your characters blinked, related to their enviroments and their facial expressions were good. You could put a little more exaggeration on their expressions but it's really no big deal, If anything I think everyone would be happy if you linked your comic so that we the adoring public can at least read what happens.


that was slick


;.;! please do a series for this! or at least a link to the comic :D it was well drawn


really good.. I like your style man... the graphics looks great...
I like it a lot...


I fucking loved it! the graphics were amazing . everything was. and on top of that joanime was one of the voice actors so that made it even better. If you don't make a sequel to this i will go on hunger strike. and it will be your fault for making such a damn good video in the first place.