MMZ - The Last Cataclysm

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Two things you need to know first :
1-In Megaman Zero , there is a reploid named "Omega" who looks like Zero. Omega has the real body of Zero but he hasn't got the real heart.You have to beat "Megaman Zero 3" to understand that so Omega is nothing about that Copy X !
2-The Evil doctor is called Dr. Weil in Megaman Zero series, not Dr. Wily.

The flash is long : Don't complain while watching Its full of action after the first scene. ;) ^^

Hi everyone, after a long while: I'm here with my new flash - Now with lots of new features and voice acting. I'd like to thank all the voice actors for their support and I'm so glad that I've worked with NG's best voice actors.

This flash's story was orginally for the "Megaman Group Project" I had started. And we were going to make the best group megaman flash for NG with Ng's best megaman flashers.Unforunetly everyone kept leaving and joining to the project and I was the only one working so I've cancelled the project. If we had continued we could have rocked NG

- But (*sigh) It seems like, some of them underestimated me back then.

Anyway I've worked for 3 months to finish this.I know I should have done "Megaman - Real Adventure 2" by now. But don't worry everythings gonna be alright.Also lately I have became a big fan of Naruto so at the end of the movie you can get some naruto action. :P

Again I've added some cool extras, there is a scene selection part as well : but to unlock these features you need to know the "password". For the password, simply you have to watch the movie till the very end ;-) (Credits is a part of the movie) The password will be shown there.

You can press "Space "button anytime to go back to the menu while watching...

I also forgot to thank Gino for a sprite sheet in the flash so I'm doing it here.Thanks Gino ;)

Well, I dunno what to say now. I'm so glad to have this submitted.I'd like to thank everyone for their support - and feel free to talk to me through MSN : Flamezero_@hotmail.com - I'm a nice guy XD

Also: The Flamezero forum had been opened. I'll be very happy If you join and start posting ^^


Well, thats all for now. ;)


Excellent! Well done!

That was great. One of the best sprite movies on NG. Excellent job on the voices well Zero's voice kinda annooyed me. Other then that good job. Please make number 2!

Damn boy!

This is a real good sprite flash! Voice acting was awsome! I also loved the action in the flash! Make more!

The best sprite movie!

Wow, incredible, fantastic, please make the 2, please!


This was a great piece, and could tell the author was a Naruto fan from some of the styilings of the fight, which is very welcome (being a Naruto fan myself). The explanation of the Mizu Bunshin is great, and is just how it would appear in the show. (By the way, I noticed that during the original sequence, Mizu Bunshin being one of my favorite techniques ^_~)

When I heard the song from the Naruto OST, I jumped up and down.
How big of a dork am I?

Great job!

Pretty good

the flash itself was real good, and being a huge megaman fan (i hate the new zero, they made him into a tights-wearing fruit), but still great...adn BTW....HARPUNA IS A WOMAN!!!!!!!!

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