Reviews for "MMZ - The Last Cataclysm"


You won me over with ths movie. Extremely fast and awesome.. smooth.. favorite scene is "The Endless Fight" you manage to capture the feel of the song in the scene. Can't wait for the next one! And keep it up!


I love watching your sprite battles...they just continue to get even better
every time...good job with the voice acting too...

Holy Crap.....

That was freaking good man the graphics, the music and especially the voice acting were superb. Can't wait for part 2.

Nicely done

This was done very well! Reminds me why I loved sprite based flashes so much ^_^ (stopped watching after the bad ones came rolling in). But I really liked it.

On, and I gave a humor rating for the Naruto part ^_^ just like in the anime, technique is used for the first time followed by a brief explanation. LoL very nice!


I thought it was going to be some crap based on mega man and suck total wang.
You proved me totally wrong. I thought the voices were well done and that the music fit the mood. This was the first sprite based movie I have ever seen done so well. Please keep up the fabulous work..