Reviews for "MMZ - The Last Cataclysm"

pretty good..

good, but like several ppl b4 me pointd out, the voice of zero was crap. it didnt fit him at all. but good nontheless, i am a huge fan of the mm and mmx series but i havent played the mmz series yet, i pobably shud ;). overall, wonderful.


Shades of Commander Keen, Jill of the Jungle, and that ilk. Bit chunky on the close ups, and the action was obscured using excessive detail due to shortness of scene time and trying to pack all that action into such a small time/arena. But good, good heart, Mon, even with ten thousand disclaimers before I even viewed. Really, a hint, just say "I did it and I'm GLAD!"


Well, I've got two opinions of this. One is that it puts everything I've ever done to shame. Second is it's friggin awesome, best voice-acting for sprites I've seen yet, and great animation. Although Zero's voice doesn't suit him, it was still excellent. Great Job, and keep churning out Flashes like this. Congrats on FrontPage =D

pretty cool

that was sweet. i dont care if the the mouth moves with the voice the action was the sheeeeit.

Zero.....What more can I say

This is the coolest Zero flash I ever seen
And hopefully the next will be even better