Reviews for "MMZ - The Last Cataclysm"

watched it a number of times and it's still great!

btw who knows that Childre Innarabita, the small blue ice one, is a boy.

This series doesn't get enough attention. This is a beautifully made sprite movie, with a great story, cool design, smooth frames, and the action is cool too! The voice acting quality is some of the best I've heard from sprite movies. Going to go finish the series (on my billionth rewatch), and I'm patiently awaiting the release of Part 3!

Awesome. Enough said

it deserves all the possible stars i can give, i'm speechless so i can't say anything more than the most incredible mmovie of megaman zero that if ever watched. great work

Isn't there a game with all the guardians and zero and x wherer u shoot enmys while your fighting through areas