Reviews for "MMZ - The Last Cataclysm"

nice story + good sprites

It's wierd... zero loses X, zero has a new body but one possitive thing is that I know why Zero was in a fake body:Since X was fighting Zero sice he got the virus, X used half of his power to make a new body which would contain the zero virus,zero then split into two, half power in his current body.Later Zeros other part virus zero,killed X. Dr.while then found X's body and made copy X using X's data.Zero awakend after being trapped by copy X and then taking his Z-saber.X's elf form then secretly took it and gave it to zero.After a long megaman zero series zero gained his memory then dies with his old body.Secretly, Zero was mostly human than reploid so he went around theworld as a human.Later, in the batle network series zeros body led a virus...and WWW took over zero.As you can See Vent and Aile used model ZX.WWW found the models and copied their data.Then modelZ and X went back to the past.Lan and Hub(megamanEXE)fougght zero. There is zeros story.Put hate comments just do it if you want.

Good one

You lost a point due to Zero's and Omega's voice, Didn't like them :/
But still, very good animation, the MMZ series are my favs!


Good Flash indeed and worthy of MMZ.....but you lose points because Zero sounds like he has a cold and its not paced right

good story line

but the voice acting's not that good
and the fighting is slow

Nice... buuuut

Ok, I love Megaman. Period. And you even made me remember the HORROR of fighting Omega in MMZ3. I had blocked that from my memory until I saw the darker one -_-;

But the CLICHE SPAM from the 3 Guardians had me clutching my heart dying. I wanted to stab all 3 of them. A L O T....

You made up for it though with Zero's super combo, which if anyone muscled through BattleNetwork watched, would recognize DeltaRayEdge whether it was intentional or not. Nice touch.