Reviews for "MMZ - The Last Cataclysm"


I simply can't accept the voice of Zero...it's...too adult-like, and his voice simply can't be that deep, but other characters are well-voiced, and the animation is nice too. so I'll take away 2 points.

You could even remove the voices..

Awesome animation, but awful voices..
... Just being honest.

just what a zero fan should watch!

i was lucky enough to stumble on something that is one my favorite games to date, megaman zero. as a fan of the game this series is awesome, the vocals are well done the sprite work is great and the fights are fantastic. the story line is also something that makes this great, so if your a zero fan or just loved the recent zero series of games this is your show. on to episode 2 =P


on the team pose when zero said lets finish them all it looks like Leviathan is seated on his head

What is the music!!!?

Thats all.