Reviews for "MMZ - The Last Cataclysm"

I have no words

A total Masterpiece, you are a f****** genius

Wonderful voice actors!

A great movie, and Edwyn Tiong is a great Harpia!


One of (if not )the best flash movies I've seen anywhere and to top it off you got the awesome voice acting of NG'S elite all i can say is WOW


This is one of the best megaman series i have ever seen and i haven't even played Megaman Zero before and now i feel shame and pity that i haven't (must get all 3 tomorrow o_o),the voice acting was amazing with the whole flash being like a movie or what now and also it had some amazing sprite flash skills and the length of just one episode is almost as long as an episode of a TV show and it's a whole series so it would be like a movie itself which is extremely impressive,i must defently check out part 2 real soon,you are doing an excellent job so far.


the best thing i ever saw