Reviews for "MMZ - The Last Cataclysm"

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This is great! The naruto osts are also well done and the extras part was very creative. This is actually one of the very few sprite movies I enjoy concerning I am a very serious Megaman Fan (all series).
Good job, hope you do part 3 soon enough.


I'm a huge fan of the Megaman Zero series. It's my favorite and no other game has even come close to it even after several years. So watching this video sort of upsets me...

It was an excellent attempt, I will admit. Your effort shows. I realize it's obviously not easy to make an extensive sprite movie, or even a decent one. But this was a bit rediculous.

My advice to you would be to reconsider the story, which (I understand was obviously supposed to be different than the original story: that's the point) but the motives of the characters didn't match up. Like, Omega was talking about emotions and how they're unnecessary? He doesn't care about sentiments in any way...he just wants to kill...he doesn't make speeches. And he's always with Weil. And why was Foxtar in charge of the other Mutos reploids? She's just another one of them. As for the voice actors...Flizzard didn't hiss in the game...Mantisk was okay at parts. Inarabitta was no good for the part. Schilt was just awful...I wanted to off myself while listening to him. He's not Czech or whatever accent he tried to pull off. He's just some pompous, civilized character. Dialogue needs work as well. Zero called X Bro...X was Zero's late partner. Zero is solemn and wouldn't say that...ever. Also, your voice actors, and no insult to any of you who took part in this video and are reading this comment: could use a lot of work. Honestly, I felt that Zero, the most important of them all, was just...awful. Edwyn Tiong was probably the only good one.

I understand that you're not professionals with a lot of money or training, but this series was not one that you should have experimented with. I don't believe that you lived up to it's name. Honestly, I thought that this was a parody, but then I read the description.

I realize that this comment is rather blunt, but the truth hurts sometimes, and not everyone will like your stuff. I gave you three extra stars for your effort. I'd rather not watch the second.




That was great , I loved it.