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Grave 2

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UPDATE 2: I have started working on Grave 3. It includes duel wielding, better graphics, more weapons, more options, etc. It will be out in a few months!
UDATE: HOLY CRAP!!! TOM THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! Front page, oh my God. I never would have imagined. Thank you Tom!
READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!! This took 3 months of hard work. It's a little short because I didn't want to increase the load time any more.For all of you too lazy to read the instructions:

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Decent game with interesting enemies and decent gameplay. Only bad part about this game is that it is too short. It only needs a couple more levels. Otherwise, it feels incomplete

3.5 out of 5 stars!

after going through this game i have to say that this is a good effort but it lacks in every area that made hotd fun. no voice acting, extremely tough enemies which amazed me, and too fast game play. nice job though. just tidy up this games weaknesses and it's gold.

eh I kinda like it.

cool the to best guns are shotgun and rifle

Room For Improvment

Short, but worth playing, it reminds me of those House Of the Dead games yo usee in the arcardes, which is good because those games kick ass. The graphics are poor, but in a way that ads to the appeal of the thing, and the weapons graphics were pretty cool considering, but do leave several things to be desired, such as depth and control over the player's movements, also the boss fight was a little too basic, but fun all the same.