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Reviews for "Grave 2"

It was okay...

seemed way to short... and It needs a plot of some sort... and there should be some sort of ammo limit... having unlimited ammo on the shotgun and machine gun pretty much made the hand gun obsolete. The art work wasnt spectacular either, as I'm sure you know. That last monster confused me... I kept shooting him but there was no indication of whether I was hurting him or not... and what was the point of the crossbow? I use it for two seconds and then it gets pocketed... and Ive got a question for you... Since when can zombies throw ninja stars?

FrostedMuffins responds:

Since I felt like putting ninja stars into the game :) Glad you enjoyed it somewhat. Yeah, I try to do new stuff (like the crossbow) but then later decide I don't like the ideas, so I then somewhat delete them. I wanted to make use of the green sight, but after figuring out that it was a stupid idea to begin with, I just threw out the whole thing. Thanks for the review.

maybe not an artistic achievement...

...but it was definitely good as a first person shooter, which in my opinion, we don't have enough of on NG. There were only two things that bugged me: the fact that the stronger weapons (i.e. shotgun + machine gun) have no ammo limit made the handgun kind of useless. The other thing was the ending, I didn't get it. So yeah, good job, but keep working at it (can't wait to see the third one).

FrostedMuffins responds:

Thanks for the good review. You'll have to wait a while for the 3rd one because I'm currently working on some really great 2d sidescrollers. Again, thanks for the review.

That was awesome

this seriously kicks all othr first person flash shooters, for flash you got to admit it is pretty good, but the spiders are very hard to hit, over all, it is a kick ass game.

Good and bad

Dud, this is a 50% of great animation... One piece of sucess is actionscript.. U maked it great... 10% is sound and music.. Tis sucked well, and zero music is not-so-good for tat type of flash creation.. 10% is idea.. NOT bad... 30% is graphics.. That was awful. I dont want to suck u out, but don't jump tat high next time... Shooters and Horrors need good and dark drawing style. Good luck making Gave 3.. And i dont care about ur age.. I'm 15 by the way... :D:D

FrostedMuffins responds:

I'm not trying to use age as an excuse. I'm just saying it. I tested to see what would happen if I took out the age from the comments and for that period of time, the score went down and the reviews got worse. That sucked cause I thought people liked it cause it was fun, now I know that people just think that it's cool that a 13 year old can make games. Hopefully my next games will actually be fun.


fun to play

FrostedMuffins responds: