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Reviews for "Grave 2"

thats much better

WOW this one didnt suck :P

MUCH better

i like this one SO much better than the first! graphics definately made an improval! and the greensight is very original

this was a good game

but im sorry if this annoys u but work on the graffs but nice job

Awesome game.

I know your pain being a 13 year old...I'm one too. But this is well above what I could do, and sub-par graphics or not, this game ROCKS. Zombies? Check. Big guns? Check. Blood? Oh yeah, we got that.

Keep up the awesome work, man. Hope to see more of this from you.

I thinks its better than the other guy

Yes I admit the art isnt great, im 13 aswell, but I am an artist. That is mainly where your loosing points. But id like to say, *gasp* that I found it quite enjoyable, and if there was a sheer un factor you'd score quite high. Well done, keep up the good work!