Schiavo's Secret

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My roommate put me up to this last night, it's all his fault.
But I am at least pleased that we cranked this out in one day.

No disrespect meant towards anyone involved, it was just too silly not to share.

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Yes, Sw4mpy, it was Chuck Jones's frog...

...but it was Focus on the Berchtesgaden Family leader James Dobson and his friends that made the inspiration so very inspired...

...and this, for good or ill, is all Matt's - and it's all good for him, too - and the music was strictly Looney Tunes too - bravo!

Now, Matt, can you do Apollo 13 to the music from "Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century - I can just see Tom Hanks saying, "Whoops! Had the silly thing in reverse!"


I know it's been over 3 years, but I still find this disturbing and gross. A little piece of my humanity died watching this. I feel ill... 9 of 10 for redefining tasteless!

Michigan J. Schiavo?

Bloody brilliant! Was it really Chuck Jones who created Michigan J. Frog? I always thought is was Mel Blanc. Ah well, I've been wrong before. Friggin' genius!

Horibly Awesome!

It's horrible, but it's also the greatest joke in the history of the universe. I miss that crazy frog...

Well done! 10/10 on hilarity alone!

Very good

Another great toon from Matt. You should do more current event cartoons. But identifying Shiavo as a he in the previous review shows the average viewing age of the site.

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Mar 31, 2005
2:11 AM EST
Comedy - Parody