Viviparous Dumpling

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The object of Viviparous Dumpling is to maneuver the fetal dumpling with your mouse by grabbing moving and throwing him into the nutrient rich sperm that fill its mothers womb. But be sure to avoid the evil toxoplasm! four hits from them is all it takes to turn you into fetus soup.

NOTE: Jesus people read the in-game instructions page! it tells you that you can pause the game any time by pressing enter.. like almost all our other games

NOTE: When your fetus starts out hes very slippery and hard to move around without losing your grip (thats where tossing him comes in handy) but as your embryo grows your grasp on him tightens and you will eventually be able to move him around with ease.

This game has 4 unique game modes and highscore submission via www.diverge.ws can you master them all?



Neat game

Bah I was entertained for a short periodof time, kind of odd controls in the game but that doesnt take away from the game being good, the graphics and all that stuff were amazing the only complaint I would have are the odd controls, like I said before

What makes a good game?

This has the makings of a good game. It's original, the concept is good, sounds are okay, art is cool. Only complaint I have which makes this loose it's "THE GAME" status is interactivity, game controls. It's kinda difficult to make it go were you want to go. I thought my mouse was acting up again. Please do something about the controls and perhaps you can add other things to make players want to play it again.

fun game 4 a little while

liked the game but the time between transformations should be shorter also u should have a few more of those pill things drop mor often


This was a fun game! It made me keep comin back! I just can't get past the fetus...anyway, I love the dark and mutated style, much like my own. All us good artist seem to come to that point when we start that style. We either go back to making normal, yet very descriptive art or stay here in our own little pin of mutants! *Holds out Zeakk picture* Yes...my lovable, acid spewing, scythe weilding, vertical mouthed horror! And I can't stop drawin him! Ok ok! I have to shut up and get back to the game! Anyway, it was awesome, but next time put a how much more till level up, so we don't get nervous and mess up! *did that* Yeah...so...PLAY THIS GAME!

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not too shabby

reminds me of a mini clip game with some good background pages
doesnt belong on front page in my opinion but its there so dont mind me

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3.90 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2005
2:30 AM EST
Skill - Collect