Reviews for "Viviparous Dumpling"


This game, well let me put it this way, it SUCKS. its too hard to manuver around, and it isnt really worth it, once you get so big, its basicly not worth playing because you'll die in like 3 seconds anyway. If you could make one with upgrades (like if you could harden you zygote) would be much obliged.

Wow, Fail, good try though

I can see what your trying ot do but, The thing is perhaps you mightve put a bigger area to uhm... move in. because once you grow big enough close to finishing the game you grow too large and its impossible to manuever. srry but likea ll the others I give this game an average so...6/10. Srry but thats the truth.also that cleansing uhm... Nutrition I could say, Is extremely hard to come by.When it DOES come sadly I found that its hard to get when a few of the killers are in your way and if you go for it youd pretty much die, then you have to wait another age. dont take this wrongly this IS a good game unlike what tibs 2 said >_>. But it really does need good adjustments.Well then i'll be on my way...

Too hard

Kinda Hard

stupidly long loading

Really fun but took 20+ minutes to load. note to self/other people: use high level flash!!


The problem with this game was that the environment was not wide enough as the dumpling grows, it gets boring when ur in the same place 4 hours, i agree with the difficulty needs 2 be reduced.