Reviews for "Viviparous Dumpling"


how do you get the secret button?

i like this

i like games were you grow and upgrade and all that. GAAHH this is soo frustrating tho when you get to fetus and then gie RRGGGHHH

Good :D

A good thing about this game is, that as the fetal embryo grows, he/she grows cuter. Nobody would like a turd with the face of a...well...battered-to-death fish. The physics system is also good, and for a very interesting topic, this gets a 10.


fuckin POS... it looked like it wouldve been good, you need better controls and alot better physics =/


I don't really like this type of game, but I'll give you a 9 because it's obviously a good one.

P.S. you called the "toxoplasm" a "parasite". However, the ingame version is a prokaryote. Just lettin' ya know. </poindexter>