Reviews for "Viviparous Dumpling"

.l. why u added the trowing ability... is better only dragging .l.

your mind is beyond my control

Cool game. Carries your signature style well and has simple, rewarding gameplay. Although, one glaring issue is not the difficulty itself, but in the way the player can exploit it. Once I reached the fetus form I had a great deal of control over my dumpling. So WHY would I throw it when I can simply manuever it around with the mouse and avoid hits much easier?

It seems bouncing the thing would be nearly suicidal at that point. Another big problem is that there's no post-hit invulnerability. If you fly into a cluster of enemies, you can get all four hits in a single second, which in my tastes goes beyond the realm of difficult and becomes simply unfair. Other than that, the variety of modes keeps you entertained, and the music is fucking awesome.

Quite playable

I found myself playing this longer than I thought I would, but not quite enough to finish story mode. Like alot of the other players, I get to the fetus stage and it becomes sheer blind luck.

That reminds me...

When Meat Boy came out three years later, I think you had used the idea of a Fetus to take the role of a villain. I have a feeling that the fetus in this game may be the Dr. Fetus of the Meat Boy franchise, don't ya think? Oh yeah and the game is awesome. It's got a lot of educational facts in there. You've done excellent work.