Reviews for "Viviparous Dumpling"

It's a pretty good game

but it gets boring after few minutes at least for me :|
but anyway it's very well done game keep it up~!
ur LunaticPark


This game is a wonderful blend of genius and insanity. The graphics and pretense are just twisted enough, and when combined with the games unique mechanics, they make a truly entertaining game.


Mah score got up to 2316 on Story mode =D Awesome game... this is going up on My Favorites list. Tis such a unique game, it's hard to come by original games these days <<;; Oh, and I felt bad for the poor lil' dumpling when it eventually died ><;


I thoroughly enjoyed this game. Its educational yet, entertainig. The only thing I missed was humor. I always like to see humor in submissions. Nonetheless, It was an excellent submission.


Ok, I don't know what it was about that game, but it was actually kinda fun. You can tell a lot of thought went into it. Bravo, because it captivated me and I almost felt sad when my little dumpling died a horrid painful death.