Reviews for "Viviparous Dumpling"

Best of the series

ok of all your work this is best game ive played from the badland series besides ignore the idiots under me the music if annoying you can ignore easy peasy and the control is realistic on the embryo like how slippery he is at the start and the hes grab and run but the game needs an option toggle wether toxoplasm comes every 10 seconds to 30 seconds before spawn thats all.


One other thing I find annoying is that I have every single achievement except the one to play the game twice; mind you, I did play the game twice... but on different loads of the game. My second playthrough was to get my 60 minutes achievement and submit score achievement (didn't care for achieve till after first play). So I'm disappointed that I'm not getting my last achievement.


It's hard from the very beginning and the controls are kinda loose. The music is really cool though! :)


Definitely not my style. The music just bad and anoying, and the game control is horible. Still, not the worst game I have ever seen.

It was dumb

This game sucks bull nuts