Reviews for "Viviparous Dumpling"

not good

gameplay isn't good enough to put up with the difficulty

BULL @&%#

this game is too damn hard! the furthest i got was fetus then the 4-5 viruses would hit my massive bulking fetus body freezing me so the others would hit and kill me making this game damn near impossible to beat! thats why i give this game a big fat 0

It could be me, but...

I found it unnecessarily difficult. Everything else was good enough to make me want to keep trying, but in the end it was more frustrating than anything else


You guys should get this game published. You could provide more levels beyond the fetal stage all the way throughout their lifetimes. This is the best webgame I've ever played and deserves much more than AH to get published. I'd like to be able to breed the dumplings too to create new superstrains. I'm craving a professional production of a PC game based on this now.

hate to say it but...

it doesnt load
1/10 because i liked the facts :P