Reviews for "Viviparous Dumpling"

What a cute-ass dumpling. c:

Cute fetus thing, yes.

I found it hard as well. I think the other reviewers are exaggerating it though, I didn't find it THAT difficult.

And I swear I've heard that music somewhere.

arg! its hard

i dislike this game becuase i have to move slowly with my dumpling becuase if you move quickly it slips away and bounces which you DEFINITALY want to avoid i still reccommend playing this but maybe you should change it to moving your dumpling around with the keys or keep the mouse, just no bouncing!


but yeah. I would never bounce. EVER! It's incredibly hard to beat, more than "challenging" and it does get old after a while.


Well its not impossible to be born, but it is really hard to accomplish that.

Just have patience, avoid those toxoplasms and do not bounce ever.

It was challenging and that's what makes the game fun.

The controls were ok. I prefer the mouse over arrow keys and WASD keys for this game.

this sucks

I didnt even get to play it took to long