Bonus Stage #9: Morbid

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Bonus Stage has a website of its own folks, and soon these cartoons will be removed from Newgrounds. Click on the Robot Sock link to get to the BS site. There are currently up to 35 episodes of the series now. So check them out, and thanks for the support.

Tonight's plot: Joel goes to Hell. Most people don't like this one too much. Then again, some don't even like any of the new ones. And some hate the old ones. It's all about subjectivity, my friend.


((( HERE WE GO )))

Now this is what i am talking about, great characters with style and flavor, i like thease two more then the others funny as hell, well grreat job on another award and funny episode, cant wait till the others...


the Compy

how did u take the flash file for the Compy 386?

thank god no more blue and red guy

This series is good in the parts where you're not actively referencing cartoon network in some way. And you got SO CLOSE this time! You must watch that channel, like, all day. Did you lose your remote? Whatever, I still love your ending credits so much it hurts

that was actually funny


Good lord

I can't believe the only redeeming quality (it was very good to begin with) at the end of this movie was a ref to another webcartoon series. That satan was AS BORING AS HELL (i guess that was the point...that worked well), but half the time I couldn't hear what he was saying.

And what's wrong with Time Squad? Better than those godawful Cramp Twins or (heaven forbid) BEYBLADE...in fact I could probably name 10 other cartoons that should be an eternal torment in hell, but I'm not gonna because *quote* nobody cares *unquote*

I'm giving this a 5 cause I do like this series and the scrpting is good...but the next time you use Satan...work on his voice...the deep booming thing worked for South Park but it sucks when put onto computer speakers ¬¬ Makes it sound like someone in slowmotion speaking into a megaphone

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3.91 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2004
8:49 AM EST
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