Reviews for "Bonus Stage #9: Morbid"

Can i give at 12

that was awesome i love random humour, i died laughing went to hell came back made some toast and went sleep, you guys are wicked keep it up!

Solid movie!

It was ok. Period.

Teh Most Awesomest Thing Ever

My favorite Bonus Stage, At least of the first season. I always find I confusing about the voice switching and lack of Rya and not Season 3 Grphics. But i must say: Awesome!

You DoooooshBaaaaaaaaaag!!!

Haha I love your style man. Using some kind of videogame sound with your keyboard or something. It got kinda stale but I didn't mind because it was random. I see you have a whole lot of these in your site. Keep making them!

lets start from 10

-1 for unequalized and unclean sound
-1 for being a bit boring at some parts

Ciao :)


I thought that devil dude would never stop talking. Still okay, but boring.