Reviews for "Bonus Stage #9: Morbid"

lol! that was GREAT!

whoa, easily (in my opinion) the best bonus stage yet! it was nice and legnthy, and was reaaaallllly funny to! lol, keep it up man. this 1 is my favourite fo sho! i also loved the ending, a great little twist. (oh, and its good to see the characters are looking normal again!)


YOU DOUCHE BAG! really funny and original keep it up

Amazingly cool

Only problem I have is in the author's comments, you're getting slightly deffensive. If anyone say's your animation sucks, then fuck them... funniest things I have ever seen. (Other than Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and I mean... c'mon... nobody can touch that kind of humor... except slapstick... or sex... or violence... or violent sex) Anywho, great flash, if anyone says it sucks, I'll go and stab them.


I like it

Good to know your series is stepping back into the right direction after the NY ep i thought I wouldnt be watching ne more of your cartoons
However this one really improves with slick animation and running at a fast pace it all comes together quite nicly.

The thing I look forward to in your flash animations is the little jokes you put in the computer game referencs etc I really like the little moonlander bit and where strong bad etc came into it lol bit like this make the flash

In the future I hope you concentrate on this aspect of your flash animations rather than chracter jokes or other such things

Also I loved the bit where he dies at the start wasnt expecting it stuff like is only a good thing randomness rules :)

well overall i made a very disorientated review and better just end it really good flash off to watch the other one thats next to it :)

thank god no more blue and red guy

This series is good in the parts where you're not actively referencing cartoon network in some way. And you got SO CLOSE this time! You must watch that channel, like, all day. Did you lose your remote? Whatever, I still love your ending credits so much it hurts