Reviews for "Bonus Stage #9: Morbid"

that was actually funny


My favorite episode of Bonus Stage!

Personally, I think this is the best episode of Bonus Stage out of the ones I've seen so far. Anyways, the animation is pretty much flawless (which is typical of Bonus Stage) and the movie is just so incredibly funny it's amazing!

it rocked


Nicely done

Weird but nicely done.

Good lord

I can't believe the only redeeming quality (it was very good to begin with) at the end of this movie was a ref to another webcartoon series. That satan was AS BORING AS HELL (i guess that was the point...that worked well), but half the time I couldn't hear what he was saying.

And what's wrong with Time Squad? Better than those godawful Cramp Twins or (heaven forbid) BEYBLADE...in fact I could probably name 10 other cartoons that should be an eternal torment in hell, but I'm not gonna because *quote* nobody cares *unquote*

I'm giving this a 5 cause I do like this series and the scrpting is good...but the next time you use Satan...work on his voice...the deep booming thing worked for South Park but it sucks when put onto computer speakers ¬¬ Makes it sound like someone in slowmotion speaking into a megaphone