Reviews for "Bonus Stage #9: Morbid"

Matt still has it!

This series kicks ass! 1 question though, what happened to that blue dude and the red guy with the sunglasses that did something stupid before each episode? Not that I mind, this series is cool even without them.

I love your work

But I thought I really should review this one. Please try your best to make the devil's voice clearer, other than that I love Bonus Stage, keep up the good work


This was just fine, if he's already on 16 on his OWN site, then so be it, he didn't have to post it here, so shuttup,

this rocked!!! loved it!!!

that was late

so let me get this straight your on bonus stage 16 now but all of a sudden you decide to submit 8 and 9 okayyyyyyyyyyyy


Bonus Stage #8 was the first of your movies that I have seen. #9 was better! #2 ON MY FAV AUTHOR LIST! Great movie man!!!