Reviews for "Bonus Stage #9: Morbid"


in dont care what anybody says...i love ALLLL of the epsiodes....i frequent your website to see the newest edition...this is my favourite Flash series by far....keep it up...i would DIE if i couldnt see Joel and Phil do their thing.

hilarious....all of them..for serious..



it so rocked but...... well urg i think something wasnt rite.. first there was the beginning then they said 1 thing and then the normal ending movie then it really started and then there came another ending movie :S

Really good.

I just knew that people who watched adult swim
and strongbad email turn out okay.

You're really talented, man. Newgrounds is
great because of people like you.

"So rockmusic IS from hell?"

Funny, but everytime something explode, why isĀ“nt there a "boom"sound?

To the guy before me

SlimGuy, uh.....I'm pretty sure everyone, even bhuddist monks, knows about it. And I hate it too. Too damn repetetive.