Reviews for "Bonus Stage #9: Morbid"

love everything you make

cept some shit you know but not your flash. love your soundtracks and shit. you got great taste in music. keep up the good work and i hope you get king of thee portal eventually

awsome dude

hahaha. that was awsome. totally funny! o and great placement for sb, hr, and coach z! stupid satan. fuck him.so many tv and toon refrences! (next time dont diss time squad ive spent many nights bored watching it)

man, this series is great

whoever doesnt like this should go to hell and watch timesquad... FOREVER *manical laughter*


Dude, that's hilarious. You have to watch time-squad 24/7, NO!!!!!!! Then strong bad...damn...you won! What do i get? Death!. So many nthings hilairous I cant list em all


It´s here now?!
Anyways it is a great movie!
But now I don´t think you´re going to send in another movie after this so