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Into The Eclipse

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Author Comments

---Be Sure to check out my album "N" coming out in the next few months!---

Best listened to with lights off, headphones on, and eyes closed.

This is my most complicated song yet. It is an extremely emotional song and should be played with the best headphones you can get, lights off, eyes closed, and mind open. I started this track on an airplane flying over New Mexico heading towards Arkansas. I recorded some things going on and decided to add some fancy effects to them. After that, I sat down in my bed and began recording until 3:40AM. I wanted this track to be complex rather than the usual drone that I do. It has a lot of recordings of sounds, pads, and weird things that will really space you out. As always, I created it in Garageband. It really is an amazing program when you know how to use it without touching the pre-set loop library.

I put a lot of work into it, as well as a lot of heart. I hope you enjoy listening to the depths of my mind :)

Reviews always welcomed and responded.

224KBS - Thanks NG for the upload limit increase.

P.S. In case you are wondering, I am about to make an album with a lot of ambient music like this on it. I am working with an artist currently on the artwork. The album is basically suppose to take you on a trip inside your on mind, revealing your subconscious thoughts and feelings using buddhist meditation techniques through ambient music. It will be about 50 minutes long. Thanks NG for all the support you guys have given me over the past few years. It means a lot. For those of you who read my comments, heres a little gift for you: this song, in its literal sense, is suppose to be the recording of a dying man, or you dying. "Eclipse" is your eyes shutting, covering everything as if it were an eclipse. Also, if you notice, on some computers the time on the audio player glitches to "6:51", which is when the breathing starts, then goes to the actual time of 7 minutes. How did I do that you ask? No idea.


Created In Garageband with various VSTs and Plugins including Ambience and Kore Player.

SFXs created by recording my finger popping in and out of a bottle, breathing, typing on the keyboard, and various things going on inside of an airplane flying over New Mexico.

Everything played on my QWERTY keyboard.



You know what was awesome? The first 40 seconds. When the higher notes were introduced, well that kinda disrupted the mood imo. Especially the note at 2:05. I think you should remove that. But like from 0:30 to 0:40. I kinda felt proud of you there. I think you should expand on that kinda feel, with the deep pad stuff and the ambience. Very debusy-like, and I love that. The rest of the intro is good too but I mean you really nailed it there. There's that certain almost brass-like sound that I've grown to love which is why I like this particular piece a lot

After like 4 or 5 minutes the piece pretty much fell apart and at 6 minutes you just started doing that pad stuff which I don't like too much. BUT I GET IT, the guy's dying or something so it does kinda fit.

The reverb effect is nice, doesn't really sound realistic or add depth but it adds a pleasant washing sound. Did you record ambience from the airport or did I read that wrong. If it's the former you certainly get points for originality.

but yeah you're definitively making progress, even if you insist on only ever making slow long drone songs ;)

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FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

This is kind of a half drone half not haha. I will always be making ambience, and sooner or later move on to some dubstep *Because i love dubstep and its easy to make apparently*.

Here is a list of all the things I recorded:

Stuff inside of the airplane I was on
Popping my finger out of a bottle
Typing on my keyboard
Talking to a government official about the difference between playing the bass and making electronic music

The last one is my favorite, lol. Since I only make all this stuff in Garageband, I am a bit limited but I am learning SOOO much right now. I am figuring out how to piece everything together. Once I get an Akai keyboard I can truly achieve some songs. :)

Thanks for teh review SBB.

Thoroughly enjoyed

That was one beautiful piece of art.

I like the recording at the start, but I'm just curious; where did you record that? It sounds like some sort of hallway next to a machine room, somehow. It does sound great as an introduction to the smoother pads etcetera, although I don't really understand how these machine sounds fit in with the story behind the song. Nonetheless, it works.

I really appreciate your recording work here, you've nicely laid out the sounds in the stereo spectrum, and at some points even in another dimension-I got the feeling there were sounds behind me at times. Excellent re-verb work as well, it shows that you've spent time getting those effects set up properly, to achieve the right depth to your sounds. Either that, or you've actually recorded those in a space with that kind of re-verb qualities.

Anyway, the song gives of quite a peaceful feeling throughout the first 5 minutes, the person dying is lying at peace in a bed. Then at 5 minutes into the song, the theme darkens in a scary way. Everything works smoothly, yet somehow, everything gets dark, things pitch down, more raw sounding synthesizers come in (I hear a faint little saw in there), and it gives an overall scary, doomed feeling. You know the end is near.

Then the more bass-y sounds make way for a couple of lighter synthesizers, to indicate that the suffering is pretty much over, we can be at peace again, on the other side of the door. We've walked into the light, and all is, however quite sad, okay.

Here's where the breathing doesn't make too much sense to me, since the person has passed away, they shouldn't be breathing. Then again, it may be one sitting by the deathbed, who has felt what just happened, and is now breathing heavily partly in relief, for the now deceased person is no longer suffering; and partly in sadness, for they are no longer with them.

That about rounds it up. This is not quite a piece I'd like listening to when going to bad, given the story behind it. It does manage to inflict emotions in the listener very well, and I suppose they are the emotions you intended to inflict as well. That makes it a succeeded mission. Great job.

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FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

I really do appreciate your extensive review! As I said in the authors comments, this song is about a man dying in its literal sense. It goes through a complex wave of emotions as he lies in bed, perhaps feeling his body lifting into the air as everything around him slows down to a peaceful harmony. Because he is dying, time around him does not make much sense. Therefore, the sounds that come in are not necessarily in time order. He breathes at the end because it is a sort of flashback in time of him breathing, as he closes his eyes for the final time. It is kind of hard to explain, but most of this song digs deep into the subconscious. However, the very ending is him simply staring into nothing, realizing that he is about to die after experiencing that last second of whatever he is experiencing.

Now that all that mumbo jumbo is out of the way, here is some technical information:

I played it all on my mac keyboard in garageband with hand crafted pads.
I recorded many sounds including the inside of a plane flying over arkansas, my fingers popping out of a bottle, me typing on my keyboard, breathing, and talking to people. i wanted it to be a sort of trippy experience with sounds that could be anything, but at the same time the sounds going on around this man as he is dying in his bed.

I mixed the reverb and stuff using a great VST for the mac called "Ambient" and "Kore Player" with the helpful audio units inside Garageband called "Reverb" and "Echo" for an extra dash of background.

Thanks again. :)

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4.27 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2011
5:55 AM EST
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