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Reviews for "Into The Eclipse"

Hello ther

You know how to balance things out just right. This is one of the most relaxing pieces I have heard in a long while :)

It took my attention

I love the fact that it's so calm unlike most of the uploaded Ambient tracks on Newgrounds Audio Portal. Thanks for uploading.

JusT Awesome

Well what can i say that has not been said already, the song is beautiful,extremly relaxing and in constant change. Depending on ur thougts u could feel like ur on a trip exploring a cave or swimming deep on the sea. If you let it really drags u in its that type of song that helps to clear your mind or the one u wanna hear when u want to relief from all ur troubles.


I decided to come review your music on my old account for old times sake. Back in the L7C GWC days...

Good times, them.

I came here expecting nothing less than what I heard :) Sheer beauty. I wish I could make music like you. How do I start? PM me a tutorial of how to become a master musician like you. I'm srs, get at me man :)

Now for my review..

I feel above the clouds, looking down at them...is it night? Not yet.... air bumps jostle me slightly and the loud roaring of the aircraft becomes white noise in the background. Can I see any other planes? No. We are in a desert of white fluffy clouds. The plane bounces slightly and the wings wobble naturally but no harm is done.

I want to leave the plane but I know if I do it'll be the end of me. The sun looks so warm, but I know it's below freezing up this high. How fast are we going? Seems like we're sitting still... I can hear other passengers making sounds from time to time, but it's just an ambient buzz. The sun seems to be setting, the clouds are brilliant but it's difficult to see as far as I could once.. I believe we may be getting close to landing.... a decent through the clouds near the end of the song... the ground is visible...cars, buildings.. We land at the airport with a jolt and our magic carpet ride has come to an end. No longer are we flying, defying the world... we are normal once more. Can we even go back to being normal? Something has changed....

Alright Fatkid :D Keep your jetpack in working order, I intend to be flying with you someday!

P.S. You really should send me directions on how to make pretty music. I'm just utterly lost in this adventure whereas you've already found your way through. I just need a foot in the door for where to start :P

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Haha, im not master but i ream to become as good as Steve Roach one of these days. Imagine ambient soundscape concerts, playing in front of thousands of people on X hahaa. Thanks for your kind comments though.

The fat kid with another top five =).

Opening has a very spooky feel for sure. Its good to see your still making music for sure. This would be a great background sound for something like a scary part of a movie or something along those lines. Great work for creating atmosphere on this!


FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

I still have a lot to improve upon, such as the actual listenability of this song. It doesn't have much "harmony" in it, unlike my last ambient song "Breathe With Me". If I can combine the two, then I should be able to make a great song.