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Reviews for "Into The Eclipse"


Its best hearing it with a good set of headphones as you suggested. Sorry for not saying anything smart here only 2 things wich i would like to share. First it reminds me playing Soul Reaver 2 fire temple, second this is what a professinal recording should sound like. :)


this is beautiful work man! I love it, i'll be using this for meditation. it's super chilled out, i dig it.

GOod job BUT..

Best headphones you got wont help this song sound any better mp3 is a shitty quality format no matter what even if someone has better headphones they will hear this has crap in them due to how mp3's are made...it would have to be FLAC or WAV format and high sample rate for this wonderful song to sound within true clarity!

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Actually, sometimes a song sounds really cool in its .mp3 but the AIF is available here if your interested:



Angry Face just stares at you and just kinda moshes in this song. I'm kinda getting chills.
But anyway awesome song, keep up the good work and I'll definitely listen to the next song you make.


I work as a Massage Therapist and I was browsing for some songs to put together on a CD for treatments... this right here is going to be the opening track!

I'm gonna look through your history to see if I can find more like this.

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Awesome! I would strongly recommend "Breathe With Me" :)

Thank you! :D