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Generic Horror Atmosphere #3

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Going for a decaying and unpleasant atmosphere with this one. Same as the other two I suppose.

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Pretty creepy and reminds me of going among old decaying ruins like the kind found either in woods, a graveyard, or both. Great job!

pretty nice

that was pretty nice :D

I don't get it + cool tips

Whenever I play the leaf whistle it sounds like this, I mean, what the hell? but still this reminds me of those days,so it's quite good,oh and try this:
1:Open the Generic horror atmosphere #2 in another tab and wait for it to fully load
2:Put GHA#2 and GHA#3 at the start point (or at 0:00)
3:Hit play on GHA#3 then as fast as you can hit play on GHA#2
4:Enjoy :3
and it also works for GHA#1 and GHA#2 also,but I prefer GHA#2 and GHA#3
I love Horror :3


This song reminds me of the Halo ODST soundtrack in between some of the music you would here something almost like this.

nicely done

bull's eyes on this one really in horror subject