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Days 2 Die-The Other Side

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Updated the game to ver 3.0 (please check on top right corner of the main menu). If yours says a different number, please clear your browser's cache file and refresh the page.

Thank you for the FRONT PAGE and 3rd Daily Best!!! Awesome!

If somehow you feel the game is lagging, please update your flash player to flash player 10. And if it still lags, just lower the quality of the game.


Here's a complete Walkthrough of the game :


Please vote this game for the zombie collection ^.^

This is a prequel/sequel to the original D2D. Ever wonder what happened to the harbor? you'll find the answer here! If you have not played the first part, you can play it here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/486939

Takes place during the events of the original Days 2 Die. Now you play as Sgt. Vic Radel, a member of TCPD SWAT team assigned to rescue survivors.

2 Game Modes are available:
- Story Mode
- Survival Mode

Enjoy the zombie killing awesomeness!

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I miss this game

The game itself has a rather interesting concept, the gameplay is alright along with the story, but it's the first game I've seen try something like this on Newgrounds an it works pretty well.

The first game wasn't working, either. Regardless of which, this game was a part of my childhood and will forever remain in my memory. Only in my memory. The legendary phrase, "I am not a friend, nor a foe." Will forever relay back and forth within my brain. The fun, playful doodle characters being shot to pieces of Microsoft paint gore will be burned into my head. Amazing game while it lasted. So disappointed it's no longer with us. Rest In Piece, Days 2 Die series.

friend, I don't have adobe flash, how can I play?

the best in my times