Reviews for "Generic Horror Atmosphere #3"

Would go really well in a horror game

It was rele chillinh and ominous i cud imagine it being put into alone in the dark or a game like that

Nice =/

I dont no what to say, but it reminds me alot from First Encounter Assault Recon=>
F.E.A.R. No offense but it does.

Maindrian responds:

No offense taken. I've never actually played F.E.A.R. but if there's a similarity, fine. This is, to my mind, more a straight Silent Hill sort of thing.

sounds like resident evil 4...

not really silent hill, but its still good


Creepy Ass Shit.


ok no scary song ive ever listened to has ever chilled me to the bone like this one hasi may just use this for one of the maps in my DooM map project... full credit will be given to you :D