Blood Shadows

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"A monster is released in the secret temple of the Blood Shadows..."

Have fun watching it and tell me your opinion.
My next project will be "Wuzzle Episode 3"

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Poor quality

the Grapichs Really need improving and some speach wont hurt anybody,but I like the idea and that saved you.


I actually liked it a lot. Devil Worshipers cojuring up a beast they couldn't control causing a massive killing spree. I likey a lot. The music of course was great. However, I think it could have been a little longer, adding more of a story to it. Like who was the guy that eventually killed the demon spawn? Are you thinking of making a Blood Shadow 2 and countining the story? Also, so vocals or written words could have been added. Screaming and swear words. What people say when their freaking out. Overall it was pretty good, work on your grapics and you'll do awesome.

At First, It Was Interesting...

And then, it became a average action flick. In the first 30 seconds or so, I thought this would be a interesting, dark, seedy series on Newgrounds to show to the world. But, it very quicky be came a sub-par action film where a monster kiling random devil-worshipers. Interesting? Yeah, right.

I'm very unsure

The animation and graphics needs to be improved, it needs to be longer and more of a story line input is needed. The only thing that doesn't need changing is the music, oh and by the way the aerial view sucks - it's just an excuse for animators not to draw full bodies and detailed animation. Get better as a flash artist and improve. 3/10, 1/5

Neruzal responds:

Ok but mind that i started using flash 2 weeks ago, so i cant be perfect yet ;)

this could be something VERY NICE

you almost stole someones dream here !" A great movie.. to bad I couldnt vote som much because of the grapics........ Make some better graphics and Voula ! U`ld get 11/10 then

Neruzal responds:

More will follow :D