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Bright in the screen CLNR

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Experience first-hand social human behavior.

A less gLitChy version of The Bright in the ScreenCHAOS, with easier levels and some changes here and there.

Also, for those folks that don't want to work it out themselves: walkthrough...

Check it here

Update 2021: Made some changes so it works better on Ruffle.

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not your average phycology


Well this was different the game has a strange thing about it and it's one of those things that can really pull you in and be drawn to the unique and strange style of this game I enjoyed it and like how you presented it there are parts that I was just confused on but it was not a bad game and keeps you wondering what's next just a fun and interesting game that I have come to enjoy. As for

Not really sure with this one. Maybe some extra understanding of elements of the game itself and other portions that we're confusing

As mentions some understanding of portions of it would be nice


Beated the whole game 3 years ago.

OMG, just beat the game. Although, I don't understand the ending?

It's a pretty good game, it was kinda difficult to me, but other than that, I enjoyed it. The one thing I've gathered from playing this is that this game that you're insane and all the red freaks are trying to help you, but the narrator is actually a voice, a guide, that's all in your head and isn't actually helping you and leading you to a trap. Or that you are a red freak, or becoming one, because one of the levels you are actually a red freak, or you think you think you are, so says the narrator.Overall I think it was an interesting game even though I couldn't really figure out what was going on.