Generic Horror Atmosphere #2

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Second horror cue. As ever, it's all done with guitar and Radiophonic Workshop tricks.

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This is pretty creepy, just like the first one but with an abandoned laboratory feel to it. Great job!


Remids me of the time I had to go in the bowels of the Yantar lab in S.T.A.L.K.E.R...

this is what im seeing

a ruined old facility with lots of visible wiring, much of which is damaged. one or two devices, probably heavy machinery, still function on their own deep within the complex, though their purpose is lost on the abandoned facility. in a single dilapidated room rest haunting clues as to the fate of the previous occupants; maybe not bodies, but perhaps journal entries that give some inkling as to what transpired. later entries would show signs of fear or insanity, depending on the situation.

scary! O.O

This music can give you chills running down your back.


i dont like it!

Maindrian responds:

This is fair enough, nobody said you had to.